About EstateOfMind

Our Business

Our business was given the name EstateOfMind in 2009 after 20+ years of providing estate services through our former company “American Antiques & Fine Art”.
At EstateOfMind, we know that each estate is unique and will provide you with the best venue for your situation or outlet for estate liquidation.

Award-Winning Services

Put our expertise to work for you!  At EstateOfMind, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Orange County community:

Darrell Dirr, proprietor of art, antique and estate sale businesses, holds a Certificate of Recognition.  Mr. Dirr was nominated by OCDSS for being 20 years a valuable community partner of PSA and always treating PSA clients with kindness and respect.

Services have included: heavy duty cleanups of client dwellings impacted negatively by behaviors of neglect and hoarding; appraisals of client properties and items of potential value and arranging for onsite and online sales of client property, with the proceeds going to the client in support of the client’s financial security.

Darrell J. Dirr


Darrell is a certified NYU Professional Appraiser, a certified IU CAI Auctioneer & Hoarding Specialist. Darrell has a Lifetime of Knowledge in Antiques along with vast experience in estate liquidations. He has also worked for numerous Banks, Trust Attorneys, Guardianships along with County and State Organizations.

Friends & Family Who Help Make Our Auctions a Success

•  Gillian Dirr

•  Wynn White

•  Gary Dodd

•  Jeanne Zoll

•  Donna O’Brien

•  Mike Murphy  

•  Jack Meffert

•  Larry Bedosky

•  Tim Murphy

• Rob Mitchell

• Dave Meffert

•  Lisa Bedosky

•  Michelle Fowler

•  Sharon Macken